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A PREMIUM 2 ounce or 4 ounce beard balm at a non-premium price.   

Bourbon Barrel is a blend of bourbon, rum, and cognac with dark, woody notes of cedar, vetiver, and oak with a slightly nutty finish..  Caution, your lady may want to nuzzle up to you more often when using this.

Ingredients:  Organic coconut oil, sweet olive oil, beeswax, shea butter and fragrance.

USAGE:  After showering, towel-dry your beard but leave it slightly damp. Take a nickel to quarter sized amount of beard balm, depending on the size of your beard, and rub between your hands for a few seconds until it fully melts. Make sure there is plenty on your fingertips and start from underneath your beard, right at the root, and work it through the beard from the skin outward.  After a few applications you should be able to determine the amount needed when using regularly. The proper amount should fully absorb into the skin and beard and after an hour or so should NOT remain oily to the touch.

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